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An Affordable Solution to an Expensive Problem

Here at Ozark Eco Foam, we intend on shaking up the market by offering a unique consulting sales approach based on what are recognized as the most advanced energy saving building techniques in the world. Our professionalism, knowledge and commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our entire business model.

Save ENERGY and MONEY with Eco Foam Insulation

Ozark Eco Foam is a spray foam company that provides more than just services. We provide the most advanced energy saving building techniques in the world, right here in the four-state area. 

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About the Owner

Jeremy Fields is  the successful owner and operator of two businesses. In addition to Ozark Eco Foam Insulation, he has ran an above and in-ground pool installation business for the past 10 years. Jeremy has various business skills and savvy that allow him to navigate the construction industry with ease.

Growing up, Jeremy worked for his father who was a general contractor building residential homes throughout the area. Following high school, Jeremy went to Pittsburg State University for Construction Management and attended Labette County Community College for Building Trades.

Fun fact: Jeremy has spent 10 years traveling the world while racing jet powered trucks as D&M Motor Sports, wowing millions of spectators at the highest level. 
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